A Probe of Alleged Woman Assault by Conor McGregor During his 34th Birthday Reopens

Conor McGregor on yatch

Spanish police have reopened a probe into the alleged assault of a woman at Conor McGregor’s birthday party last summer.

McGregor celebrated his 34th Birthday on his triple-deck yacht, Ibiza, July 14, 2022. McGregor’s family and friends were there to celebrate the occasion. However, one person appeared to have been injured.

After the victim did not make a statement to Formentera police, the case was archived.

According to the report, one Spanish investigator remembered that the woman was brought on board after the incident. He contacted local authorities. However, due to language barriers and the woman’s desire to go home, it was difficult for her to make a full statement.

The woman put that down to her shock and the fact she wore a bikini after fleeing the yacht. Her lawyers appealed for reform.

Ultima Hora’s report reveals that McGregor was initially separated from the incident. However, the woman’s allegations include numerous violent acts, including kicks that caused severe wrist injuries.

She stated that she reconnected with McGregor after attending his Ocean Beach Club celebrations. Later, she agreed to return to McGregor’s yacht. She claims that McGregor became abusive and aggressive the next morning, criticizing her appearance, and then insulted her.

The UFC star was accused of punching her and kicking her to the floor. She later recalled him saying, “I’m about to drown you. Who do you think that you are?” She then described running from the yacht and entering the water to escape it. A Red Cross boat saved her.

In the next few weeks, the victim and any witnesses are expected to be heard by a judge. McGregor has not yet commented on the allegations. However, both Spain and Ireland police are cooperating with the investigation.


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