Former UFC referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy has huge remarks on Conor McGregor’s ‘titanium shin bone’


Former UFC referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy does not think Conor McGregor’s titanium rod implant will be the benefit the Irishman is making it out to be. The popular battle sports official asserts that, if anything, it’s going to be a hindrance.

Talking with previous UFC light-weight Josh Thompson on the Weighing In podcast, McCarthy stated he’s interested in seeing how McGregor carries out after he recuperates from his damaged tibia.

” [Conor McGregor] discussed how he’s got a titanium rod in his leg,” McCarthy stated. “He goes, ‘I have a titanium leg. Now when I kick individuals, now see what occurs.’ Oh I’m gon na see what happens since I ensure you, it’s gon na harm you a lot more than it hurts them.”

Thompson, who has a titanium implant in his left ankle, verified that kicking with a surgically fixed leg possibly uncomfortable. The retired Mixed Martial Arts warrior stated:

” It’s gon na f *** ing kill you. I’ve got a titanium plate in my ankle, my left ankle with 9 screws. If you kick the bag the wrong way, that crap hurts. It hurts bad!”
Additionally, Thompson exposed that the existence of a titanium rod reduces from the leg’s performance. He discussed his personal experiences to notify audiences what could be in store for Conor McGregor as soon as he goes back to training:

” There’s no versatility either on your foot. In your ankle joint, there’s no flexibility due to the fact that those screws and also plate do not move. They f *** ing hold it. So when you believe your foot is gon na bend or that bone is gon na flex at all, it does not do it any longer. The titanium rod keeps it there.”

Previous two-division UFC champ Conor McGregor just recently explained about the surgery on his left leg. In a video recording he published on Instagram, the Irishman provided his fans an update concerning the accident he experienced at UFC 264.

” What I required was a titanium shin bone and now I’ve got a titanium rod from the knee to the ankle. The medical professional states it’s unbreakable. As soon as I keep developing back, playing with the balance, then develop the power– and I have an unbreakable titanium leg.”

The 33-year-old MMA super star promised to come back more powerful than ever before ending the video clip. Because of a medical suspension, the earliest McGregor can go back to action is January 2022.


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