Leon Edwards Vs. Kamaru Usman Trilogy Could Happen at UFC 286 in March

Leon Edwards Vs. Kamaru Usman

UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards confirmed that he will face Kamaru Usman at UFC 286 London, England.

The Edwards-Usman fight at UFC 278 happened last August’s was among of the greatest come-from behind victory in history of MMA. Leon Edwards knocked out Kamaru Uman in the final round and took home the welterweight title.

Dana White made it clear after the fight that, there will be a trilogy promotion. Despite both fighters being on board with the idea, why isn’t UFC 286 yet to announce the names of the two main event UFC 286 fights?

A recent theory that Usman was recovering from a hand injury is one reason for the delay that went viral. Although Usman had undergone hand surgery before his UFC 278 fight with Edwards, there is no official confirmation that he is still suffering from hand problems.

Rumours of Usman’s injury grew after Usman was photographed with his left hand wrapped as he promoted an African MMA event.

Ali Abdelaziz (Usman’s manager) dismissed the rumors, and indicated that Usman was ready to face Edwards on March.

Edwards stated that he was told the same thing about the Usman Trilogy happening in March.

“That’s all that my team and I have been told. Last week, I think I spoke with the UFC. They said that the fight is on. I already training for the fight. That is what I’m aiming for. We’ll see if anything changes. Now, I am focused on the trilogy against Usman in London.”

Leon Edwards currently has an 11-fight streak without a loss, with his biggest win being last summer. The anticipated trio bout will take place in Edwards’ London backyard. This means that the champion is more confident than ever about extending his streak to 12. It will also give Kamaru Usman, former division kingpin, his first loss in professional MMA.


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