Jon Jones takes the UFC Heavyweight title Back as he Defeat Ciryl Gane

jon jones win over gane

Jon Jones, a mixed martial arts legend, won a thrilling first round victory over Ciryl Gane of France to win the vacant UFC heavyweight title.

Jones, a former light heavyweight champion, was making his return to Octagon after more that three years. He forced Gane to submit after only 2 minutes 4sec of the first round. This sealed the victory.

The American 35-year old, widely considered the greatest mixed-martial artist of all times, used all his skills and experience to outfox his French 32-year-old opponent.

Jones had spoken boldly about Gane’s defeat before the fight. Gane, however, showed nervousness by firing a kick at Jones’ groin. This required an official timeout.

Jones was as impressive as his word. He easily evaded Gane’s wild left hand and wrestled the Frenchman to the ground with ease.

After Jones had him in a guillotine chokehold, he quickly got Gane into trouble.

Jones was delighted to say that he had worked for the victory for many years.

“You’d be surprised at how many people believed I wasn’t coming back. “I’d heard that this dude was never coming back” – but I have been faithful to my goal, faithful my mission.

Jones stated that Gane’s ability to use his feet was a concern, but that he was confident in his chances of winning. Gane is a former champion kickboxing fighter.

Jones stated, “I had the conviction that if he could be brought down to the ground, the fight would take place in my area.”

“I have been wrestling since I was twelve years old. I feel stronger and more at ease, especially on the floor.

Gane ‘angry’

“With kickboxers you never know — he zigs, I zag. It’s been awhile since I felt any kind of goofy about my feet.

“But I felt most at home once I had him in my arms and knew I could control the situation.”

Gane felt frustrated and said that he hadn’t done himself justice.

Gane stated, “Disappointed ofcourse.” “But the most important thing is that I am angry at myself. Really mad.

“Because we accepted the fight (at short notice), but worked hard and spent lots of time sparring partners. I am really mad at myself.

“This is my first loss. I’m going back to the gym to work on my ground game.

Jones is now considered the greatest mixed-martial arts fighter ever, thanks to his win after such a long layoff.

In August 2020, the veteran quit the sport and gave up his light heavyweight title vowing to get bigger for the fight in the heavyweight division.

He was the proud owner of several UFC records, including the longest unbeaten streak (18 victories), most titles fight wins (14) and most successful defenses (11).

Jones won the fight and immediately called out Stipe Miocic, the former heavyweight champion. A fight between them is almost certain to happen in July.

Jones said that “Stipe miocic is quite a competitor” after Saturday’s victory on ESPN.

He has a strong background in boxing and is a skilled fighter who knows how to win fights. He is a serious person to me and my team.

He’s going need all of his strength to make it through this one. And he won’t be able to do that. He has my complete attention.


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