Gervonta Davy Revailed That Fighting Ryan Garcia Will be the Most Dangerous Fight Of His Career

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia has been pushing Gervonta Davis’ buttons for many years. Garcia dismissed Garcia openly, referring to him as a child and a weak opponent, no matter how many curse-filled tirades they would engage in.

A few years later, Davis is singing a new tune. Davis feels that it is finally time for them to fight. Garcia (23-0, 19KOs) has become not only one the biggest boxing stars but also one of the most lethal punchers in the sport.

Officially, they will meet at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on April 22nd. While Davis is considered a strong favorite, he doesn’t sleep on his extremely talented opponent.

After a series of notable wins, Garcia, 24, seems to have established himself as a respected opponent. The former WBC interim champion titlist, Garcia, 24, decimated Javier Fortuna in the sixth round of 2022.

Davis admittedly has noticed some of Garcia’s work. Contrary to his critics, Davis, 28, is firm in his belief that the opposition he has faced up to this point should be respected. Davis will be facing off against Mario Barrios and Rolando “Rolly” Romero in the ring, but Davis recognizes that Garcia is the most difficult opponent due to his size, reach and deleterious punching ability.

When asked if Garcia would be his most challenging fight, Davis replied “Yea for certain,”. “He’s the hardest I would say.”


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