Conor McGregor suffers terrible broken leg injury in TKO loss to Poirier


LOS ANGELES– American fighter Dustin Poirier overwhelmed Conor McGregor on Saturday in Las Vegas, winning their light-weight UFC trilogy battle by a KNOCKOUT after the Irishman seemed to break his left side leg in the winding down minutes of the opening round.

The battle was technically concluded as a “doctor’s stoppage” at the end of the first round after a bloodied McGregor swayed and missed out on a strike then fell down in the opposite direction, his lower leg grotesquely buckling under him near the side of the octagon.

Poirier then caught a powerless McGregor, pouring down a set of shots and elbows up until McGregor was saved by the bell in front of the capacity crowd at the T-Mobile stadium.

” This man was claiming he was going to slay me and get rid of me. I am going to leave here in a casket,” mentioned Poirier.

” You never speak to persons like that. I wish this man gets home secure to his wonderful loved ones.”

Promoters stated later on that McGregor’s damage was to his lower tibia which he was anticipated to go through surgical treatment on Sunday to fix the injury.

The planned five-round rubber match was anticipated to get even and finish the trilogy in between the previous two-weight UFC champion McGregor and his long time rival Poirier, who now appears set to get a shot at an indisputable title and set up himself as one of the sport’s superstars.

There was a lot of anger in between the two in the lead up to their 3rd battle. McGregor mocked Poirier’s partner in a twitter and said to Poirier he was going to leave the ring in the box.

In fact McGregor needed to be brought out on a stretcher after medical professionals supported his leg.

Poirier stated the battle settled the score in between the two and his payback was karma.

” This man is a dirt bag,” Poirier mentioned. “Sometimes these things happen.”

In an expletive-laden conversation within the octagon as he waited on the stretcher to take him out, McGregor asserted he was winning the battle when the horrific injury took place.

” I was punching his bleeding head off. Kicking his bleeding leg off. This is not over,” stated McGregor, who has actually had simply one win in 4 and an one-half yrs.

In 2014, McGregor TKO Poirier in less than 2 mins and Poirier came back the favour in January, destroying McGregor with a 2nd round Knock Out.

It was the very first time a capacity crowd has actually shown up at a UFC battle in Nevada considering that the Covid-19 pandemic. With the USA States elevating limits throughout the country, fans are going back to sporting activities.

Saturday’s audience included previous United States President Donald Trump, who was heckled by a big contingent of the Mixed Martial Arts crowd, while others shouted “U-S-A.”.

The first round began with each warriors trading kicks and blows, with Poirier having the much better shots in, and it didn’t take long for McGregor to begin bleeding from the mouth.

Poirier landed a ferocious left hand, a couple of more long kicks and after that they went to the ground for about 2 minutes of grappling. Poirier let McGregor get up and they both threw a punch simultaneously however missed out on, which’s when McGregor’s leg snapped.

Poirier boosted to 28-6 while McGregor went down to 22-6.

Promoter Dana White stated he hoped there was a 4th Poirier-McGregor battle.

” You can’t have a match finish like that,” White mentioned.


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