Miley Cyrus Says That Hannah Montana Gave Her An ‘Identity Crisis’


Miley Cyrus is 28 years of ages currently, and also her Disney as well as Hannah Montana days are much behind her. Yet that does not indicate she does not still consider those days.

” Talk concerning an id,” Cyrus stated on Spotify’s Rock This with Allison Hagendorf on Friday. She claimed that Hannah was “a personality virtually as frequently as I was myself, as well as really, the principle of the program is that when you’re this personality, when you have this modify vanity, you’re beneficial. You’ve obtained, like, numerous followers, you’re the largest celebrity on the planet, and after that the principle was that when I resembled myself, when I really did not have the wig on any longer, nobody respected me, I had not been a celebrity any longer.”

She stated her Hannah years were hard on her very own self-identity: “So, that was pierced right into my head, like, ‘without being Hannah Montana, no person respects you.’ Which was the principle.” She stated she needed to “damage that” and also assumes “that’s possibly why I practically developed a defined variation of myself sometimes. … I never ever developed a personality where it had not been me, however I recognized exactly how individuals saw me and also I perhaps played right into it a bit.”

The program ranged from 2006, the year Cyrus transformed 14 to 2011, the year Cyrus transformed 19.

In a 2019 cover tale, Cyrus informed ELLE that she went to a location in her life where she can review all the stages of her profession. “At 26, Cyrus is analyzing the various stages of her actual public life as well as taking into consideration exactly how to utilize her system to increase understanding concerning the problems she cares most around, like environment modification, abortion civil liberties, and also real estate inequality,” author Molly Lambert reported. “At heart, she is an empath, as well as a prone heart that intends to aid secure various other at risk spirits.”

At the time of the account, Cyrus was coming off of an episode of Black Mirror in which she played imaginary pop celebrity Ashley O, which was extremely plainly a discuss Hannah Montana.

Cyrus informed Lambert: “The personality is me. They turned it up the method they constantly do, yet the sector is currently rather dark. And also sometimes, I’ve absolutely seemed like Ashley O. I still do. Making this document, I seemed like Ashley O sometimes.”


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