Islam Makhachev Accused by Alexander Volkanovski for Alleged Cheating

Islam Makhachev Accused by Alexander Volkanovski for Alleged Cheating

Alexander Volkanovski appeared to accuse Islam Makhachev, a person who used intravenous lines (IV) in an unjust manner, before Dan Hooker’s accusations.

Volkanovski lost against Makhachev to the lightweight title at UFC 284 in Perth last Saturday. The fight was intense from beginning to end, but Makhachev won the lightweight title by unanimous decision.

Volkanovski felt that he had done enough to win the fight. Volkanovski now wants to rematch Makhachev.

After UFC 284, the tension grew when Hooker made several allegations about Makhachev. Hooker accused Makhachev of cheating after he weighed in on Friday. He also hired a nurse to administer an IV.

Although IVs are permitted on a restricted basis, Hooker feels Makhachev crossed a line between fair and foul last weekend. Volkanovski seemed to echo Hooker’s sentiments before Hooker tweeted them.

Volkanovski slammed Makhachev’s use of an IV in a recent interview on The MMA Hour. This was after a difficult UFC 284 weight cut.

He weighed in at 81kg (178lbs). Volkanovski stated that IVs and other such things can be very helpful in fuelling up. “Maybe it’s a shot at him but it’s what it is.”

At the time of writing, there is no evidence to suggest that Makhachev was wronged in the lead-up to UFC 284.

Makhachev isn’t known for his weight loss, but he looked exhausted after his weight loss to 155lbs. Makhachev may have the frame of a welterweight, but he is able to somehow find a way for him to be a champion weight.

Hooker tweeted that the interview was recorded before Hooker posted it. This means that conversations about Makhachev’s alleged actions may have occurred after UFC 284.

Volkanovski’s defeat to Makhachev was his first UFC loss. He had won 22 consecutive fights, including an unbeaten streak at featherweight.

Volkanovski could be eligible for a rematch with Makhachev in the next few months. Tensions could rise due to recent cheating allegations.


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