Chas “The Scrapper” Skelly Wins Over Mark “Mugen” Striegl Via TKO in UFC Vegas 48

Striegl loss via TKO

Mark “Mugen” Striegl is a Fil-Am featherweight mma fighter with an outstanding professional mix martial arts track record while the 36-year-old oppponent Chas “The Scrapper” Skelly a pure American MMA fighter.

Throughout the battle, the round was looking in favor of Striegl in the preliminary. Striegl was top in the scoreboards, 10-9. His leg kicks were decent, that made Skelly really cautious.

After that, the 2nd round started. In the 2nd min of the 2nd round, Skelly put on a show. He constantly attacked Striegl with his finest movements. Initially, a good elbow to establish his offense and afterwards a combination right hook. Eventually, a knee to the jaw went down Striegl on the carpet. Chas was relentless as he brought extreme strikes to Striegl after he went down.

Striegl vs Skelly
Striegl hit with knee strike by Skelly – Image source

Even though Striegl went through a heart-breaking defeat to the terrific Skelly, the fight was well battled in between both competitors. Chas Skelly formerly revealed that this will certainly be his last battle, as well as is seeking to relinquish Pro mixed martial arts. His professional fighting record is 19 victories as well as 3 defeats.

Mark Striegl’s past battle was against the younger Russian professional competitor, Said Nurmagomedov (Oct 2020). He likewise endured a horrible defeat in this fight, dropping by means of ko in merely 51 secs of action.

Mark Striegl is yet to win his very first fight in the UFC. As he begins his UFC career 0-2, the Filipino-American warrior will certainly take his 2 primary defeats as a motivation to step up his performance.


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