AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution could boost PS5 and Xbox Series X performance


AMD lately held an occasion to release its newest graphics card– the Radeon RX 6700 XT, however a number of us were likewise wishing to listen to even more regarding FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD’s choice to Nvidia’s DLSS modern technology.

The truth that AMD does not presently have a counter to DLSS is, as we lately clarified, offering its competing Nvidia an efficiency benefit, specifically with mid-range cards. Nevertheless, it is dealing with a choice– called FidelityFX Super Resolution– as well as according to Linus Tech Tips, maybe coming quickly to PCs, in addition to the brand-new PS5 as well as Xbox Series X video game gaming consoles.

While the Nintendo Switch usages Nvidia equipment, both the PS5 and also Xbox Series X utilize AMD equipment, and also if they are without a doubt obtaining FidelityFX Super Resolution, it indicates they can obtain some large efficiency gains at 4K resolutions. It might also assist them accomplish the 8K resolutions both console manufacturers have actually meant.

Exactly how does it function?
While AMD really did not state FidelityFX Super Resolution throughout the Radeon RX 6700 XT launch, Linus Sebastian in the video clip over cases that in a media instruction, AMD is not “hurrying it out the door on just one brand-new top-end card,” however rather “desire it to be cross-platform, in every feeling of words.”

This, Sebastian declares, does not simply suggest AMD’s existing COMPUTER GPUs, however additionally “the ones inside gaming consoles.”

DLSS is an innovation made use of by Nvidia to make video games at reduced resolutions, after that makes use of expert system and also artificial intelligence to upscale the frameworks of the video game to greater resolutions. This enables PCs with suitable GPUs running video games that make use of the technology to strike greater resolutions and also framework prices than common– also when resource-intensive results like ray mapping are allowed.

FidelityFX Super Resolution is most likely to do something comparable, and also the truth that it might likewise be utilized in the PS5 as well as Xbox Series X is possibly extremely interesting. Although both gaming consoles have actually only simply introduced, they can battle to strike 4K at 60 frameworks per secondly (FPS) in aesthetically requiring video games. FidelityFX Super Resolution might assist remove dips in FPS, or permit even more video games to make use of ray mapping impacts. It might likewise suggest in the future the gaming consoles might have the ability to strike 8K– though in our very own examinations with the RTX 3090 and also DLSS, 8K pc gaming is still a lengthy method off being possible.


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