Alex Volkanovski Won UFC Title BUT Gordon Bradbery won’t honor it, here’s why

Gordon Bradbery will not endorse giving Alex Volkanovski

Alex Volkanovski, the mixed martial arts (MMA), champion of his city will not receive the keys.

Volkanovski (also known as “Alexander the Great”) defended his featherweight Ultimate Fighting Championship title against Mexican fighter Yair Rodrguez in Las Vegas on the Sunday.

The 34-year old, who trains at Windang in Wollongong, has held this title since 2019. He is considered to be the best fighter in the world pound for pound.

Gordon Bradbery, the Lord Mayor of Wollongong, said that he will not nominate Volkanovski for the top honor in his city.

He said: “I have a duty as the Lord Mayor of the City and as a human being to not endorse violent things.”

“You can decorate the UFC as much as you want, but it is a violent sport.

It is against all that we believe in as a community, in terms of violence.

Keys to the City is the highest honor that a council can give an individual for their excellence.

Wollongong has recently awarded motor neurone diseases researcher Justin Yerbury, and Olympic gold-medallist Emma McKeon.

St George Illawarra Rugby League won the NRL Premiership in 2010 and was also awarded the keys to the city.

The mayor usually endorses a nomination and sends it to the council. Council then votes whether or not to award the honor.

The Cr Bradbery stated that his decision does not affect the fighter’s involvement with the community but he cannot endorse the UFC champ.

He said, “It’s really important to send a message to young people. This is especially true now that brain trauma has been put on the agenda.”

What kind of endorsement would this be if I nominated him for that position when his profile supports an activity such as that?

Volkanovski lives in Shellharbour, where he used to play rugby league with the Warilla Gorillas.

In 2020, after winning his first UFC championship, he was given the keys to Shellharbour.


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